Precious Pod


Finished prototype + photographs

Process book

Project Timeline:

7 weeks (Oct 8 - Nov 12, 2018)

inbloom preview copy.jpg


"The objective of this project was to design a pod that holds something as precious to an individual as the seed is to the plant. Through the understanding and observation of form in nature, this new product is functional, aesthetically harmonious, and a visual delight." 

I decided to have INBLOOM function as a jewelry box specifically focused on keeping precious items detangled and organized. 



Despite its final form being an apple, my original inspiration for this project was a head of Romaine lettuce. I explored the way the leaves naturally folded around each-other through orthographic views and section cuts. 

render section views_aauw2.jpg
orthographic views_aauw2.jpg

From here, I began to focus on the concept of how interlocking leaves and hands safely secure objects held within them. I created a moodboard to study different types of containers as well as flowers and their petal structure. 

moodboard inbloom.jpg


I started to create different sketches and low-fidelity prototypes made of foam to come up with interesting forms for my container. 

concept sketches.jpg

I eventually decided that the apple form was the most interesting out of my prototypes. Since this pod is centered around the containment of precious items, I also thought of how the phrase "the apple of your eye" refers to a particular object of a person's affection or regard. 


Making of Final Prototype

I started by carving and sanding an apple shape from a 5 x 5 inch block of high density polyurethane foam for the container body. I used extruded polystyrene insulation foam to slice thin strips for the flower petals and the leaf handle. 

For the leaf handle, I took thinly sliced strips of insulation foam and applied heat so that they would curve easily. I used this method on different thicknesses of foam. 

The furthest piece is the thinnest with the most dynamic curves. The piece next to it is thickest with shallow curves, which broke. For the finalized handle piece, I sliced a piece of foam in between the thicknesses of the first two attempts. 

After hollowing and cutting the container, I tested the leaf handle placement to see if it could handle the weight of the lid. I cut out a flower petal pattern from 4 thinly sliced pieces of insulation foam and folded them around each other to achieve a 3D flower shape. 


Finished Prototype

Photographs of the finished foam model


Isometric and orthographic drawings of the final model

exploded isometric.jpg
two point perspective.jpg