I was invited to beta test Illustrator for iPad as a member of the Student Advisory Board before the official app release on October 21, 2020. During this time, I communicated with the Illustrator development team on bugs and potential improvements for the app. Some of these illustrations are featured on the Illustrator for iPad Behance gallery. 

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(mĕi + mane)

The Chinese word for beauty, 美 (mĕi), combined with mane, another word for hair, is the inspiration for this project.

Hair is often a defining point of one’s physical appearance and can also be used as a form of expression.

The beauty in both humans and animals is our diversity, and my goal is to capture this by

incorporating animals into different types of hair textures, colors, and shapes.

As I explored different hair types, I wanted to emphasize that there is no set standard for beauty;

it is what makes people unique that makes them beautiful.