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HackIllinois Summer 2020 Hackathon 



Team Project

Project Timeline:

May 24 - August 15, 2020


Website design


Poster design

Visual Design 

Design Team:

Ali Nitti (team lead, branding)

Anne Zulkarnain (UI/UX design)

Cassidy Brandt (graphic design)

Alyssa Auw (UI/UX design)


1,000+ student registrations

Hackillinois' first virtual hackathon


HackIllinois, an open-source Hackathon at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, hosted their first virtual summer hackathon on August 7 - 15, 2020. The main focus for the event was creating tools to improve virtual education. The event was hosted through Discord with live YouTube guest panels. For this website, I collaborated with Anne Zulkarnain to create a visually appealing and exciting experience for attendees as well as HackIllinois' systems team to bring our designs to life. 

Mentor Page


Resources Page

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Animated Icon 

This icon was utilized for the Discord server, created in After Effects (logo created by Ali Nitti).


Promotional Posters

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